Hello, I’m Ruth and I live near Glasgow in Scotland.

I write about stuff I see/do/think about – mostly music, but occasionally other topics too. I hope you find it interesting. I’m always happy to connect with people who like seeing/doing/thinking about the same stuff.

It all started with music, I would go to a gig then afterwards different people would ask me about it.  So I would reply individually. That got tiresome, so I decided to produce a wee write-up and direct everyone who enquired to that. Originally I posted these to MySpace (yup, I’m that old!) but eventually decided to try a stand-alone blog.

I am not a critic, I don’t aim to write reviews. I only go to gigs of bands that I like, and I write about my experience and impression of that gig.  It is usually biased and written with my fellow fans in mind.

I sometimes get the urge to write about other subjects, but generally suffer from a lack of time, so these are fewer and further between than I would like.

Feedback and comments are always welcome, either attached to a particular post, or sent to me directly using the form below.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tom Carne 15/07/2014 / 1:38 am

    Ruth…Keith C’s Father here…Thanks for the kind words…Keith is indeed a Scot. My mother< Lizzie Henderson Carne, was born and raised for the first 15 years of her life in Glasgow. Her maiden name was Henderson , she is part of the Stevenson /Henderson clan. We still have some distant cousins scattered about the Edinburgh /Glasgow area. I have a campaign hat from my mother's brother, Red Henderson, Who fought in the Highlands regiment in Europe in WW2. He was one of the "Ladies from Hell" as the Germans called the kilt wearing master soldiers from the Craggy north of Scotland. Keith is named after his Scottish heritage…the name Keith literally means…"Of the glen" and refers to the pastoral beauty of Scotland !
    Again…I thoroughly enjoyed reading your notes from the Bar Bloc show. I will be seeing Keith for a couple of days later this week and look forward to asking him about meeting you. Wishing you only wonderful things ! Best Regards… Tom Carne tfcarne@gmail.com

  2. ruth4truth 15/07/2014 / 9:21 pm

    That’s great you know about your family history. My parents have been doing amateur genealogy for years, they have traced back to the 1600s, pretty much all in the north east of Scotland. I moved to Glasgow for university. Military history is interesting, and great because they keep such good records.
    Keith is quite a common name here, although not so popular now. My (married) surname is Leith, and when I was pregnant EVERYONE joked we should call the baby Keith. The baby turned out to be a girl, as did the 2nd one, so that put an end to that! Although Ruth Leith is still quite ridiculous…
    We all love Keith as part of the band, hope he stays with them! Although I feel for his students when he is away so much. My ambition is to go to New York and get a drum lesson from Keith. I used to play when I was at school and would love to pick it up again. Trying to learn guitar – takes up less room in the house and less irritating for neigbours 🙂
    Say hi to him from me!
    Ruth xx

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