Katherine Ryan, Pavillion Theatre, 23rd April 2016

I was looking at Twitter on Saturday about lunchtime when I saw Katherine Ryan (@Kathbum) mention she was doing a show in Glasgow that night. Seeing as I had a child-free night and nothing particular planned, I made a spur of the moment decision to go.  I had only seen Katherine Ryan on panel shows etc never her stand-up but based on what I had seen and what she puts on Twitter, I figured it would be a good one.

Unfortunately the website said 8pm but another Tweet from Ryan when I was finishing my tea said 7.30pm so I had to rush into town and run to the theatre. Seems to be a habit of mine when attending comedy shows.  Made it just in time, and handily, my seat was on the edge of the aisle.


There was warm up from local comedian Julia Sutherland who was good. A few stories about motherhood could have been any conversation between my friends and I, and were a bit predictable, but only perhaps if you have a 6 year old. Her routine about the life drawing class brought several genuine laugh out loud moments from the audience, and there were some well observed jokes about Glasgow and its people.


After the interval Ryan came on and launched straight into her routine. I won’t even attempt to describe it, but would encourage you all to see her if you can.  It was funny (obvs) controversial, edgy, challenging at times and sharp. She has been compared to Joan Rivers, which I can see, and she plays on that a little, but there wasn’t as much of the harshly baseless judgemental comments I associate with Rivers. If Ryan mocks someone she’s sure to base it on something deserving of mockery, and she mocks herself in the process.  I was trying to figure out why the same edgy challenging comedy from the likes of Frankie Boyle isn’t as appealing as Ryan’s and it’s that including of the self in the joke that is the difference.



There was a little audience interaction and again, unlike other comedians, there was no mockery of punters, they were encouraged, celebrated and applauded.  It was all very life affirming.

The routine lasted just over an hour, and I could happily have listened to more.  I resolved to see more comedians, and was glad I made the last minute decision to see this one.



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