On the busses #2

Ok trying to get back into the whole blog writing thing. Getting to diverted by Twitter, but must remind myself that not all communiques must be 140 characters or fewer.

So I’ve got a couple of gigs to review (I Am Arrows from ages ago and KT Tunstall from last weekend) but will do them in a wee while.

In the meantime I have been posting a lot on Facebook / Twitter about my encounters with fellow travellers on the Glasgow buses so most of you have probably seen my rants already, but thought I’d gather the more recent stories all together here.

They don’t really show Glasgow in a very good light, so after this and after the gig reviews I may have to work on an article about the positive aspects of the city…

Story #1 – not so much about people, but I was travelling back home on the route that goes on country roads, and it was late at night so in pitch darkness, when suddenly the bus had headlamp failure. Lights just went off wouldn’t come back on. Instead of pulling over and summoning help, the driver decided to carry on regardless. He seemed to think that the solution was to crawl along at 5mph clinging to the edge of the road. We finally got to the edge of the town and there were street lights, so he felt that would be ok to resume full speed.  I would have asked to get out and walk had it not been on aforementioned country roads at night in pitch black.  I thought I was marginally safer in the big metal bus.  Marginally.

Story #2 – Waiting at bus stop, there was a mum with her 2 kids waiting.  One girl (who appeared to be called Demilee) was dressed in a school uniform, probably about 5 or 6 and her brother was in a buggy (mum called him TJ) was about 3 or 4.

Girl, to mum, “I’m hungry”

Mum, “Did you not have breakfast?”

Girl, “No”

Mum then scrambled about her bag and produced a bag of Skips.

Mum, to boy, “Are you hungry too?”

Boy, “Yes”

Mum scrambled around again then handed him a Flake.

And they wonder why kids around here have such poor health and end up obese…..

Story #3 – Overheard on the bus: “There are some people who only look at rat testicles.”

I don’t really know what more to say about that one.

Story #4 – Very annoying woman behind me kept yawning loudly.  “Ahhhh. Ooohhhh. Huuuuuuhh.” My god, keep it to yourself lady! Bad enough I have to put up with coughs and sneezes.

Story #5 – Busy bus on my way into town in the morning, mostly commuters.  Heard the unmistakable sound of “Rockstar” by Nickleback.  It was someone’s mobile phone ringtone. Dear god who would have such a “tune”? Turns out it was a balding middle aged man in a badly fitting suit. Figures.  Creeped me out somewhat.

If you aren’t aware, We Are Scientists did a brilliant cover of Rockstar  .  You have to listen all the way to the end to hear the best bit.

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