More Gigs, More Musings Part 2

Ok so after a short delay here are my thoughts on the 2 most recent gigs I went to – Elliot Minor and MGMT…

Elliot Minor – this was in the ABC in Glasgow which I was a bit wary about cos last time I was there the atmosphere wasn’t great, but we got there just as the support act were in the middle of their set and the crowd were getting quite into it.  Elliot Minor themselves were excellent – it was probably the most raucous gig I’ve been to, but that suits me fine.  I considered trying to get near the front, but there was a clear divide of kids with industrial quantities of eyeliner down the front and normal older folks at the back, so we once again found a raised up bit at the side and stood there with a good view of things.  The band were on good form, the basist had obviously been practising his rock moves so it was entertaining just to watch him strut his stuff and work the kids into a frenzy.  They played pretty much their whole album, which was fine, and slowed things down to do a few acoustic numbers too which were really well done.  Just the right amount of talking and it was nice that each of them said something and there was a bit of banter between them.  I like to know that bands have some kind of personality.  Someone threw a pink frilly thong on stage and it after they discussed who it would fit best it ended up adorning the bass guitar. 

Support band: The Hot Melts, didn’t hear much of them, but they were quite good, not sure if people already knew them but they really got the audience going and revved up for the main attraction. 8/10

Merch: One of the band is half-Japanese and they’d just come back from touring there so they had these really cool T-Shirts with the band name in Japanese, (as far as I can tell its accurate) so of course I had to buy one… 10/10


MGMT – at the Barrowlands, the first time I’d been there and I had high expectations but I’m afraid I was disappointed.  Maybe I just wasn’t drunk enough, but the legendary “atmoshphere” seemed to amount to people pushing, shoving and elbowing their way to a good spot, spilling beer on you at every oppportunity and dancing on your feet.  We had to wait ages for the support act to some on and they weren’t that good.  Then we had to wait even more ages for MGMT to come on.  When they did the sound system let them down so we missed half the vocals on the first song.  Once full sound was returned, they proceeded to play songs from their album pretty much as they appeared on the album.  We were in the middle of the hall and behind lots of very tall people so I couldn’t see a sodding thing and felt like I’d be better off at home actually listening to the album.  Then in the middle of the set they played several new songs that no-one knew, and whereas the familiar album songs had been really short (Pieces of What seemed to last about 90 seconds) these new ones were really long.  I got bored.  Then finally they played some more familiar ones, ended on their most recent single and left.  I was actually glad it was over, I could get away from the beer-swilling louts, get dried off and stop trying to crane my neck to see.  It was a real let-down because I’d enjoyed listening to the album, thought they had some interesting sounds, but the live show didn’t live up to expectations.  I can’t remember if they spoke much, I don’t think so and I think it was unintelligble anyway.

Support band: No idea what they were called but they only had one or two decent-ish songs 2/10

Merch:  2 or 3 different t-shirts with “MGMT crew” or random slogans and pics on them, I didn’t know what they meant and they weren’t particularly attractive so I didn’t buy anything.  Judging by how quiet the stall was and how bored the seller looked no-one else did either. 1/10